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Tips in Buying a Garage Door Opener

Tips in Buying a Garage Door Opener

Most of the households nowadays have door openers that automatically open and close the door in their garage. This provides a wonderful convenience as it eliminates the need to manually open and close of the door. If you still have a manual Stanley door, an old opener that needs replacement, or you wish to make an upgrade, these tips will help you in select the best opener for you.

Know Your Options

Garage Door Opener 24/7 ServicesThere are different brands and models of door openers. However, they are generally divided into three types and that’s according to the type of drive they use. The chain drive garage door opener is the least expensive and readily available opener. However, it’s also prone to breaking so it may require replacement after some time. Moreover, it tends to make the most noise when it operates.  Belt drive openers on the other hand are the quietest and sturdy so they can be used for a long time. However, they come with the highest price tag. Screw drive openers are not as noisy as chain drives, but also not as quiet as belt drives.

Consider the Safety Features

Modern openers have the latest safety and security features, including a sensor and reverse automatic feature that automatically opens the door when there’s something obstructing the path. This prevents accidentally hitting something or someone when the door is closing. New openers also generate random codes each time the door is opened that prevents hackers from gaining access to your property by stealing the security code.                                                                                                       

Make Sure It Can Lift Your Door

These openers have different motor power. Some are designed to lift light doors, while others are equipped to carry heavier doors. Determine the weight of your door so you can let the seller know when purchasing an opener. This will help you choose one that suits your door. If the door is too heavy for your opener, it may not be able to lift the door.

Choose Opening Method

There are various ways on how the door can be opened through the opener. A remote control or a clicker can be used, which is the most common. Keypads are also mounted on the wall where a secret code is entered in order to open the door.

Consider these things when getting a new door opener. For the installation and set up, you may call garage door repair Hilliard as they specialize in this area. 

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