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Garage Door Springs
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Torsion Spring Testing

Garage Door Springs in FloridaIf your overhead door opens very slowly or you have to lock it to keep it closed, this may indicate that there is a problem with the spring’s tension. This is confirmed with the help of a test. The opener is disconnected and the door is lifted manually until it is halfway open. Then it is released. If the tension is optimal, the door should stay in place. If it is greater, the unit will go up. If it is lower, the door will drop down. In any of these cases, the spring has to be adjusted. Less often, there is a need for additional repair or for replacing the component with a new one.

New Spring Installation

There are several reasons why the overhead door may require a new spring. If the old one is broken, it has to be replaced right away. The most important rule that the owner has to keep is not to open the door manually or with the opener as the cables may get twisted around the rollers and make the situation much worse. If heavy-duty struts are added to the panels or rigid polystyrene is attached to provider insulation, the door will get heavier. If the old garage door spring cannot counterbalance the heavier unit, it has to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the opener will strain too much and can get seriously damaged or break. The installation involves setting the spring over the shaft and winding it so that it gets fully ready for doing its work.

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